World’s upside-down! Roma coach Mourinho PUBLICLY apologises to journo

Roma coach Jose Mourinho has apologised to a local journalist after snapping at him before the international break.

Daniele Lo Monaco drew a sarcastic response from Mourinho when asking him about his tactics after Roma’s defeat to AC Milan.

“As a football fan,” Lo Monaco stated at the time. “I’ve learned so much by watching Mourinho work over the last two years. However, there is something I don’t understand from the game against Milan.

“I saw Roma sitting deep and having a defensive approach especially on the wings. My question is: when did you decide to face Milan this way? And do you have regrets seeing the result?”

An irked Mourinho then replied: “I think the formula of success is not to listen to people who don’t have the same ability as you. I think this is important. Listen to those who know more than you, those who can help you think, and staff members, who are very important.

“But, I don’t feel comfortable discussing these things with those who have never sat in a real dugout or those who never spent hours, hundreds of hours in these situations, with somebody who has never prepared games of this level.”

Having sat on his reaction for a fortnight, Mourinho began Sunday’s post-match presser after their 7-0 win against Empoli with a public apology to Lo Monaco.

“Before the first question I wanted to apologise to Daniele Lo Monaco,” he remarked. “You’ve always been straight with me. You do your job as a good journalist. I listened to your question again and there was no reason to give that answer. I apologise publicly, as I did yesterday, not behind a door. Sorry about that.”

Lo Monaco accepted the Special One’s apology and later posted to social media: “Question closed. Few greats have this level of humility. Onwards and upwards.”

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