Violent clashes between Queretaro and Atlas fans in Mexico leaves at least 22 injured

At least 22 people have been injured in a major riot in Queretaro, Mexico, involving Queretaro and Atlas supporters.

The match, which was staged in Santiago de Queretaro’s La Corregidora Stadium, was called off in the second half due to the outbreak of violence.

Both clubs’ supporters were spotted fighting one another, with some resorting to using chairs and bins as weapons.

On social media, graphic videos have now emerged showing some fans, who appear to be unconscious and bleeding, being dragged across the floor while being kicked in the head by others.

A fan at the ground told ESPN Mexico:

The confusion started in the away sector when Atlas fans started fighting with the home fans.

The fight grew, the Queretaro fans went around the stadium to go to the fight, they entered the field and everything got worse. It’s incredible what they did with security there.

The Queretaro state civil protection agency has announced:

So far there is no report of deaths; 22 people injured, nine of them taken to the general hospital, and of these, two are critical.

The rest are stable. It should be mentioned that all of those injured are male and at this moment it’s been confirmed that four were from the state of Jalisco.

Mikel Arriola, president of Liga MX, said:

Unacceptable and unfortunate violence at the Estadio Corregidora in Queretaro.

Those responsible for the lack of security in the stadium will be punished in an exemplary manner. The safety of our players and fans is a priority.

As a result of the violence, Mexico’s league has declared that no games will be played today.

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