Valencia coach Gattuso: My substitutions wrong for Mallorca defeat

Valencia coach Rino Gattuso says he is to blame for defeat at home to Real Mallorca.

Gattuso admits gambling with his substitutions didn’t work.

He said, “The first person to take responsibility is me, because I wanted to win with the score at 1-1 and I put two forwards on the pitch. I think I put the team in a shape that wasn’t the best for them. I wanted to win it but we lost. We suffered. They had a lot of space and that’s my fault. In the first 60 minutes, RCD Mallorca did not create anything for us.

“But at the first difficulty, with the penalty, we gave away 14-15 very easy balls bringing it out. We have to improve this. It is difficult to speak about it because it was a game that we were controlling very well. In the first half, the pace may not have been very, very good, but before the penalty, only Valencia CF were playing. It is a difficult time. I feel sorry for the fans who have come to the stadium. We have to improve what has been happening in the last few games.

“When we are level we have to improve all this. At the first difficulty, mentally we are going to have problems. I think it is not a physical problem. It is normal that when the fear of not winning arrives if you miss many passes, young players can freeze up as we did.”

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