UEFA take legal action against restaurant over name of a pizza

UEFA is apparently suing a German restaurant over the name of one of its pizzas.

According to Denis Müller, UEFA has launched a lawsuit against Pizza Wolke – a pizza restaurant in Gießen – over the name of one of their dishes, the “Champignon League.”

Posting on Twitter, Müller wrote: “Just want to briefly mention that the #UEFA have filed legal action against our @PizzaWolke in Gießen because a pizza is called “Champignon League”. No shit #UCL #DFBPokal #Gießen #Giessen #Frankfurt #SGE #Pizza”.

It gets interesting…

The pizzeria itself then posted an image of the letter they received from the law firm on Instagram, writing: “Pizza Clouds Vs. UEFA€ Long live the pizza CHAMPI(G)NONS LEAGUE! I feel honoured! As a kid of soccer! An advertisement by UEFA? Seriously?

“1 @) just shows me and my gang we definitely on the right track! My gang & I have hit a path and we won’t stop until we’re in every chest and baked in every oven at some point! A man! A pizza! Let’s see how far UEFA goes! BUY THE WORLD’S HOTTEST MUSHROOM PIZZA, everyone!”

UEFA confirm the lawsuit…

According to German publication Ran, the Hessian firm ‘violates UEFA’s licensing regulation, which protects the name “Champions League” for Europe’s most renowned club football championship. UEFA verified the legal department’s activities at the request of the German news agency SID.

Let’s see how far this goes!

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