Sheringham touts Sherwood to Spurs as Conte replacement

Former Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood should be in the running for the Tottenham job.

Sherwood, who did manage Spurs at one stage, could be someone who takes over as caretaker until the end of the season.

As Spurs contemplate sacking Antonio Conte during the international break, former striker Teddy Sheringham believes Sherwood should be his immediate replacement.

“I think that the vibe is all wrong at Tottenham,” Sheringham told talkSPORT.

“There’s question marks all the time about Conte, is he staying? Is he going? He’s only been there two years and it seems to come around every three months about whether he’ll stay or he’ll go.

“He looks upset and you can’t have that because you need some sort of stability to give you the confidence that you’re there for the long run and you want to make it right. If I was to answer the question I’d say to let him go and bring someone else in. I’d let him go now and get yesterday’s guest [Tim Sherwood] in. I would. I think you can do a lot worse than getting Tim Sherwood in.

“He’s a man who knows what he wants as a football manager. He’s had a couple of goes, he’s been sacked and he understands the game. If you listen to him talk, you know he knows how football works. Football minds, he can see who is cheating, who wants the ball and who doesn’t. Get him in charge and get them in shape.”

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