Sheffield Utd boss Heckingbottom: How we can upset Tottenham

Sheffield United boss Paul Heckingbottom insists they’re capable of upsetting Tottenham this weekend.

Spurs are one of the form teams of the Premier League.

But Heckingbottom says: “I want us to play with no fear. I want us to have a go.

“They’ll be favourites, and rightly so, but I believe in this group of players and that we can go there and win. Definitely. But we’re going to have to get a lot of things right. They’ve got some undoubted threats and we’re going to see that. “We can’t go there hoping they’re just going to underperform, we’ve got to go there expecting them to show their quality and their threats.

“They’ve got players who haven’t been quiet in any game this season. So we know it’ll be tough in that respect. But I like to think we can cause them problems as well and if we play in a really fearless nature, which is what we’re going to try and work towards week after week and improve in that respect, then we’ll try and pose them problems going the other way as well.

“We have to achieve that positivity and fearlessness in everything we do. The worst way you can set a team up is defensively but with no aggression. Sit behind the ball, we want to take risks when we’ve got it. We want to create chances. We know that’s tougher this season than last but we have to be of that mindset. We want to be positive and when we defend, it’s about trying to win the ball back.

“There has to be an aggression about us even in our defensive third. It’s about aggressive and not worrying about consequences, just going out and trying to perform. If they make mistakes trying to get on the ball and do the right thing, I’ll defend them all the way. If we haven’t got players on the pitch willing to take the ball, I’ll change the players. The same if they’re not willing to fight or run or compete. We’ll change the players. If we’ve got that attitude and willingness to do it then brilliant, we’ve got a better chance of succeeding and improving, game on game.”

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