Scott Brown exclusive: No surprise Lazio, Juventus watching Ferguson at Bologna

Celtic great Scott Brown is convinced Lewis Ferguson is set for big things in Serie A.

Ferguson has earned great press in Italy, where he has become a lynchpin for Thiago Motta’s entertaining Bologna team.

The Scotland midfielder’s form has brought him to the attention of bigger Serie A clubs, with the likes of Juventus and Lazio following his progress. Ferguson inked a new deal to 2027 with Bologna over the summer.

Brown told on behalf of “Yeah I played with Fergie in Aberdeen and he’s a great young lad, he wants to learn, he works hard, he has a great attitude and he lives and dies with football.

“So going over there was a huge chance to be perfectly honest, to go over to Italy, to a league where probably not a lot of people would know who he was, but he’s thriving off the occasion and he’s proving his weight in gold.

“And if he does go to a bigger club it’s rightly so. His performances, his goals as well, but you can see he is built properly, he is a man, he wants to play football and even when he came on for Scotland in the last couple of games, he doesn’t look out of place.

“So he will get his chance with Scotland but if he gets a move as well to go to a bigger club I’m sure he’ll be looking forward to stepping up his career as much as he possibly can and play as high as he possibly can as well.”

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