Roma coach Mourinho furious with his red card: I want the audio

Roma coach Jose Mourinho was left furious after their defeat to Cremonese.

Mourinho was sent off as Cremonese won their first game of the season on Tuesday.

“The excuse of fatigue will not fly,” Mourinho told DAZN just days after the 2-0 Europa League play-off win against RB Salzburg.

“We were a little unlucky, conceding two goals on their one and a half chances. The responsibility is ours. We lacked intensity, should’ve killed off the game straight away.

“It is certainly not true that one team wanted it more than the other tonight. Roma players always want to win. The sensation is that they were playing the game of a lifetime, though. It was not a game we deserved to win, but we didn’t deserve to lose either.

“After the equaliser, we all thought that the winning goal would come, but instead it was their penalty.”

On his dismissal, Mourinho also said, “I am emotional, but not crazy. In order to react the way I did, something had to happen first. I need to understand if I can take any legal action. Piccinini gave me a red card, because unfortunately the fourth official does not have the capacity to understand what he said to me.

“I want to find out if there is an audio recording. I don’t want to get into the fact that Serra is from Turin and on Sunday we are playing against Juventus.

“For the first time in my career, a fourth official spoke to me in the most incredible way. It was unjustifiable. At the end of the game, I went to speak to them. Piccinini, who was the fourth official in the last game when I was sent off, told me to apologise to Serra. I told Serra he should have the courage to explain what happened, but he had memory problems.”

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