Rise in overseas broadcast revenue leads to prize money increase in the Premier League

Premier League television income is expected to surpass £10 billion for the first time, boosting prize money and ensuring that even the lowest team earns more than £100 million next season.

The winners of the 2022/23 season will get £176 million in prize money, up from £153 million this season.

The hike follows what the Daily Telegraph has dubbed ‘bidding wars in America and beyond,’ in which broadcasters from around the world compete for the privilege to broadcast live Premier League games.

For the first time, the worldwide broadcast market will be worth more than what Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon, and the BBC together pay to broadcast the Premier League in the United Kingdom beginning next season.

The value of overseas broadcast packages will increase to £5.3 billion from £4.1 billion, and domestic broadcast bundles which are now valued at £5.1 billion, will stay so until 2024. The overall fund is thought to be worth £10.5 billion when other new commercial partnerships are included in.

Around £1.6 billion of the money is projected to be distributed to the football pyramid below.

However, the additional revenue from international broadcasters will not be distributed evenly across Premier League teams, with those who do better collecting more. That was not the case earlier, and CEO Richard Masters is credited with ‘putting an end to a big-six mutiny’ over the issue.

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