Real Madrid send coach to Brazil for direct talks with Palmeiras superkid Endrick

Real Madrid are sending a coach to Brazil for direct talks with Palmeiras superkid Endrick.

Marca says the 16-year-old has only played 60 minutes with the Palmeiras first team, but he continues to show the physicality and talent that made him a household name in the youth ranks.

As a result, a bidding war has already begun. The first move has been made by PSG, who are looking to emulate the strategy of other teams, especially Real Madrid, when it comes to young talent.

Reports out of Brazil say the French side has made an opening bid of 20 million euros, far from the 35-40 million euros Palmeiras are looking for.

In the coming days more scouts and coaches from several of Europe’s big clubs are expected to take a closer look. Barcelona are reportedly interested as well, but so far they haven’t made an offer.

Real Madrid are looking to replicate the strategy they used in the past, working in silence in order to land their target. There is no agreement at this time, but Los Blancos have approached the player and his entourage.

Now it’s time to decide whether to present an offer to Palmeiras. An answer should come in the next few days once a Real Madrid coach travels to Sao Paulo to see Endrick play.

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