Real Madrid coach Ancelotti: We couldn’t handle RB Leipzig counter-attacks

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti admits they struggled with RB Leipzig’s pace for their Champions League defeat.

Real had already qualified for the round of 16 going into the game.

Ancelotti said, “We found the game difficult because they really played on their strongest attribute, the counter-attack. We struggled to get into the game but we did so. We did our best to level it up and we came pretty close.

“I didn’t see a lack of intensity or attitude. We were bound to lose a game sooner or later. It’s a defeat that hurts, but perhaps less than others because we have another chance to finish top of the group.

“You learn more from a defeat than from ten straight wins. We’ll focus on the things we didn’t do very well. We didn’t defend set-pieces very well, that’s where we conceded two goals. We’re generally much better but these things happen. We didn’t deliver the performance we hoped for. It was best to sit with a low block and hit them on the counter but it went exactly opposite to how we’d planned. We conceded twice and we should have played it differently.

“We had players out, but those who played, did well. The mistake came at the beginning of the game. They played at will. They defended well, looked to hit us on the counter-attack and that’s where they’re really fast. We had chances and had a foothold in the game until they made it 3-1. You have to take risks if you want to come back and we took them, but it didn’t work out well. I have no complaints. The players who stayed at home couldn’t play and those who were involved today haven’t had much game time. I didn’t change the team too much.”

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