Real Madrid coach Ancelotti: Courtois back; Sevilla have improved

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti says Thibaut Courtois will face Sevilla tonight.

The goalkeeper has missed the past fortnight due to injury.

Ancelotti said: “The team are doing well. Courtois is back and we’ll see about the rest. Ceballos is out. Any changes I make are just to try to prevent future problems. We’re on a good run of form and we have to carry on like this, being aware that every game is different and has its own difficulties. We’re up a side looking to get out of a tricky period.

“It’s going to be hard for us because they’re doing well and have displayed their commitment and attitude over the last few games. There’s never an easy game. We don’t consider ourselves invincible. There has never been an invincible team in the history of football, anybody can beat you with more or less quality. Football is also about commitment and attitude. We’re playing well at the moment and intend to carry on like that.

“Continuity, something that is important in football. We always have to face this challenge because we’re not always at our best and we don’t always have a strong team performance. We sometimes focus too much on ourselves and there are lots of things that can be improved on a team level. On the individual level we must thank the players’ parents for raising high quality footballers.”

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