Mourinho: Working for Roma fans is very different

AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho admits he’s enjoyed his time with the Giallorossi.

Mourinho’s current deal runs to the end of this season.

“I always feel the desire and the professional responsibility, but there is something more here,” he told TG2.

“These people change the temperature of your skin with their warmth. I love these people, and that is why I have absolutely no problem in saying that Roma are very special for me, in my career.

“I do think that Roma are too criticised. There is something inside that opens the door a little to these situations, but Roma are too criticised and so is Mourinho.

“A small example: our run to the Europa League Final was very easy, according to some,” laughed the coach bitterly.

“Look what Red Bull Salzburg do in the Champions League, Real Sociedad too, Feyenoord still in the running in the Champions League and Bayer Leverkusen too. I think the last game they lost was against Roma.

“If I was another coach, at another club with a different profile, it would be a completely different narrative. That is not a problem for me, because I have dealt with this my whole career. I was used to it 10 years ago, so it cannot be an issue now.

“However, I do think it is a problem for Roma as a club, because they deserve far more praise. It is a problem for the fans, who deserve far more too. But it is a joy for the pseudo fans and pseudo intellectuals of football to criticise us.”

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