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Motta on victory over Verona: These amazing Bologna fans…

Motta on victory over Verona: These amazing Bologna fans…

Bologna coach Thiago Motta was delighted with last night’s win against Verona.

Bologna won 2-0, with Motta consistently serenaded by the home support.

Motta smiled afterwards: “I am certainly very satisfied with the team’s performance. It is one of those evenings that we have to enjoy. From the bench it is often not possible to see everything clearly, now I have looked back at the images and I have had the opportunity to appreciate the quality of our plays and the spectacle of our fans. This alchemy is making the difference, it’s an evening we absolutely needed.

“There are two components that make the difference. First of all, the fans. Without them, football wouldn’t exist and we wouldn’t be playing. I repeat: a beautiful environment has been created and this helps the whole team. Secondly, I want to congratulate all the players. From the pitch you can perceive their ability to provide emotions and quality play. The group is extraordinary, the results we are obtaining are the logical consequence.

“It’s certainly pleasing, I preferred not to go under the curve because I believe it’s right that people bring the true creators of this path, the footballers, to triumph. Obviously I thank the curve and all the fans for their support and esteem. It’s me who has to give something to them, not the other way around. I’m excited, these aren’t things that happen every day. It’s nice, I think they give me more credit than I have.”

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