Man Utd striker Weghorst: I can do better – but it’s good and I’m happy

Manchester United striker Wout Weghorst is happy with his first weeks at Old Trafford.

Weghorst has revealed he is enjoying his time on loan from Burnley.

He told club media: “It’s good and I’m happy. That’s the thing that I wanted before I came here, to be part of it, to be important and the start overall is good.

“There’s room for improvement and things can go better but, as a beginning, the most important thing is that we’re keeping on track like we’re doing now by winning the games.

“Of course you want to have as much of a contribution in it by scoring goals and feeling important. There’s a little bit of room for improvement still, but we keep going.”

He added: “Whether it’s the first one or not, at the end as a striker you want to score goals. That’s the best feeling, the most amazing feeling.

“That’s what you’re doing it for as a striker.

“I’m waiting for the first one here at Old Trafford. Unfortunately it’s taken a little bit too long already for myself but I have to stay quiet and just work really hard and do my thing.

“Then hopefully that will come soon. I think that will be a special moment.”

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