Home English Luton’s Liverpool fan Ogbene proud of Anfield goal

Luton’s Liverpool fan Ogbene proud of Anfield goal

Luton’s Liverpool fan Ogbene proud of Anfield goal

Luton Town star and Liverpool fan Chiedozie Ogbene admitted it was special to score against them on Wednesday night.

Ogbene got the first goal of the night, silencing Anfield to give his team a 1-0 half-time lead.

However, Liverpool came roaring back in the second period, scoring four to achieve a 4-1 win.

Post-game, Ogbene said: “I’ve always been a Liverpool fan. We moved to Ireland in 2005, that’s when I fell in love with the likes of Steven Gerrard and the time they won the Champions league.

“Most of my family are Liverpool fans, I’ve always grown up a Liverpool fan, so I’m delighted. I’m happy, scoring at Anfield is something special for me, it will live long with me going forward, but in terms of business you can hear from my voice I’m devastated that we didn’t get any result here.

“It’s always good to score in the Premier League, not many can come here and score, but overall we’re not happy that we conceded four in the second half, that was too many for the expectations that we put on ourselves.”

He then added: Ogbene continued: “I wasn’t thinking about that, I was just thinking about staying in the game as much as possible, going in 1-0 up and hopefully second half we could absorb as much pressure. To come here away from home and when they talk about the atmosphere at Liverpool, I really experienced it first hand.

“It’s very difficult when they counter press and win it high, it’s very difficult to change momentum and when the crowd is on their side. You just have to absorb as much pressure and try to turn it round, but we just never got that chance.

“That’s what the manager always tells me to do, as a winger playing wingback you’re a bit emotional because it’s a lot of hard work, but hard work pays off. Most of the time I’m there, sometimes I’m not there and I just try to be there as much as possible as before that Alfie (Doughty) put a ball in, maybe a bit of laziness from me and I could have missed another opportunity.

“But that’s why I make sure I’ll be there every time I can. Fortunately the ball came to me and if I can score goals like that and we can win games or we can gets results, it will help the team and myself massively.”

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