Luton midfielder Clark: Fantastic following team with away fans

Luton Town midfielder Jordan Clark wants to do right by the fans after making his Premier League debut at Manchester United.

Clark missed the first two months of the season with an ankle injury and during that time he attended games in the away end with the Hatters support.

He told Luton Today: “The good thing with this group of lads is the fans know we’ll give everything for them and that’s all Luton fans ask for, adding quality is a bonus.

“I see how much it means to them now, being sat next to two or three thousand every week.

“I felt like one of the fans myself going to pretty much every away game and following it with them.

“It just gives you a little taste of it and I don’t want to let any of those people down who have travelled to the away games every week.

“You get a feel of what they want, they love their football and love the passion we’ve got on the pitch, so the fans are awesome.”

He continued: “The Forest one was mental.

“I went into the toilet and no-one saw me at first, then I started washing my hands and someone saw me.

“I must have been in there for 10 minutes taking pictures, but you just take it as it comes.

“If you can take pictures with anyone, give your time to anyone, that’s the kind of guy I am.

“There’s a lot of kids who travel up with their families, so it’s always nice to give a little bit back to them.

“The conversations I’ve had with fans have been lovely and they’re all nice people.”

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