Luton defender Mads Andersen admits Prem culture shock

Luton Town defender Mads Andersen admits adjusting to the English top flight has not been easy.

The 25-year-old spoke about how the speed of the Premier League is different to what he expected.

Luton have endured a tough start to the season, but will be hoping to get to winning ways in the coming weeks.

Per Luton Today, Andersen said: “What I’ve come from, it is the same game, but everything just happens so much quicker.

“The players are coming towards me very, very fast, so that’s just something I’ve got to adapt to quickly.

“We feel it, I always think coming from playing in League One for Barnsley and they (Luton) played in the Championship, we’ve all got to adapt to the tempo.

“You can see that it’s coming slowly, people are adapting, so it’s good.

“It’s fitness too, but you get that quickly.

“I can feel it from the Brighton game to this game here (West Ham).

“I felt better and the speed of mind, your thought process needs to be quicker.

“It’s something that because of the way the mind is structured, the way it is, it will come fast.

“You can see it already, we’re improving every game, we’re just going to keep going.

“We’re playing top players and I’m just excited to be out there, doing my best and trying to learn as much as possible.”

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