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Luton boss Edwards: We go to Liverpool to win

Luton boss Edwards: We go to Liverpool to win

Luton Town boss Rob Edwards says they’ll go to Liverpool to win tonight.

Edwards says the Hatters will attack Liverpool at Anfield.

He said, “We’ll try and Liverpool are going to be doing that, but we’ll try and commit to how we play and give it absolutely our best. Again we’ll go up there to be positive and try to win the game.

“We’ll take a draw I would have thought, but we’re going there to win, so it’s not about repeating the last one. Clearly we’re going to have to defend very well, we’ll have to manage the ball well in turnovers and transitions, as their counter pressing is so aggressive, but then when we have the opportunities to take the ball we need to be brave and try to play to our strengths as well, take the spaces that they will give away.

“There’s a lot there that we’re going to need to do very, very well. We’re going to need to be ruthless at both ends of the pitch as chances at Anfield will probably be few and far between but that will be similar to most teams that go there. We’re looking forward to the challenge, but we’re not going to go there to sit and wait, we’re going to try and attack the game as we want to try and win.”

Edwards also said: “They’re Liverpool Football Club and they’re going to have good players everywhere, from the under 18s, the 21s, right the way through. They’re going to have a big squad that’s full of talent, full of depth, so that doesn’t surprise me. They trust their players and he’s not afraid to put young players in or change things up if they need be as they just go and do what they do, play their way. Whatever team he puts out will be very, very good no doubt about that.”

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