Home Italien Luigi Lavecchia exclusive: Time for Allegri, Juventus to split; Bologna doing great things; watch Palermo & Parma

Luigi Lavecchia exclusive: Time for Allegri, Juventus to split; Bologna doing great things; watch Palermo & Parma

Luigi Lavecchia exclusive: Time for Allegri, Juventus to split; Bologna doing great things; watch Palermo & Parma

A graduate of Juventus’ youth system, Luigi Lavecchia enjoyed a career that spanned Italy’s divisions and also took him to two countries abroad.

From Juventus to Bologna, Lavecchia enjoyed his best moments with Messina, where he played in Serie A under their former coach Bruno Giordano. A right-sided midfielder by trade, Lavecchia would be thrown up front by Giordano, where he found himself battling the likes of Paolo Maldini, Marco Materazzi and Walter Samuel.

Now 42 and looking to build a coaching career, Lavecchia spoke with Tribalfootball.com about his experiences as a player. Those he played with and against. And how he managed to end up playing in France and Romania in the latter stages of his career.

Luigi also gives us his take on the pressure Max Allegri is suddenly under at Juventus and marvels at the football department Bologna have managed to build boasting so many men with deep connections to the club.

You began your pro career with Juventus – how important was the football education you received there?

“At Juventus, I didn’t have the chance to play a lot but I had the chance to train with players like Del Piero, Zidane, and Davids.

“And by training with these kinds of players, I understood what football meant and what you need to be a top player.”

You then moved away to launch your senior career…

“My best experiences are divided into three chapters Juventus, Bologna, and Messina. With Bologna and Messina, in both these clubs I won Serie B and with both I played in Serie A.”

And you also played for Le Mans in France and with Targu Mures in Romania…

“Yes, it was different. In France for example you play more openly and attack more than in Italy, where the tactics are the core of each team. Instead in France there was a demand to play an attractive style of football. Another thing I noticed in France and Romania was the physicality in their league. Both were very strong and both had great players there.”

Let’s return to Juve – just what has happened to Allegri’s team since the New Year?

“Mmm, look in general I would consider it a good season. Okay they don’t play attractive football but in the end, they are in second place. In first place for me is a team which is the strongest in the world at the moment together with Real Madrid and Manchester City.

“Inter for the moment is unbeatable and for me, Juventus is winning the league of the humans!

“In fact, for me, Max is a monument of Juventus and by this, I infer that he has done extraordinary things in the history of the club. But this remains in the past.

“And I must say, I think they should start a new project with a new manager…”

Whoah! Well, speaking of better performing coaches, what have you made of Bologna and the work of Thiago Motta?

“I think they’ve been doing great things since last year, because they have found the right people inside their organisation. They have a President who invests in the club and has a serious project for the future. They have directors in the club like Fenucci, Sartori and Di Vaio who know football and understand it very well.

“And in the end, they have a coach like Thiago who is doing a great job and has made the team play a fantastic style of football.”

What about the players at Bologna – does anyone stand out?

“I would say Lewis Ferguson and Joshua Zirkee as far as players from Bologna who have caught my eye. Overall, two players who have impressed me a lot this season are Colpani of Monza and Yildiz of Juventus.

“In contrast, two players whom I was expecting more from this season are Osimhen of Napoli and Leao of Milan. These two are great players who can and should be giving more for their teams.”

As you’ve said, you twice won promotion from Serie B – what have you made of this season’s competition?

“It has been always a very difficult league, a very strong and physical one. I really like Palermo of Corini, Parma of Pecchia. For me, these two teams are very strong and are playing well. I was expecting more from Sampdoria of Pirlo but maybe they need time because it is a new project in all of it’s aspects.

“But Serie B has this characteristic that until the last second, you are never sure of who will win it, who will be in the play-offs and who will get relegated.”

Finally Luigi, what are your hopes for Italy at the Euros?

“I think now Italy has the best coach that we could have. But for me, the problem is that Italian footballers are no longer like in the past and we don’t have that quality as we did in the past. Despite this, I think that with a great coach like Luciano Spalletti and with good players we can achieve good things and play an important role in the tournament.”

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