Lucas Hernandez: Bayern Munich star was arrested for going on honeymoon

Lucas Hernandez has appealed against his Spanish prison sentence for breaching his restraining order.

The Bayern Munich man was sentenced to six months in prison for breaking a restraining order that forbid him from seeing or contacting his wife.

In 2017, Hernandez was accused of assaulting his wife, Amelia de la Osa Lorente. An incident that happened back in 2010.



They were both sentenced to 31 days of community service and were banned from meeting with or speaking to one another for six months.

However, in those six months, they went on a honeymoon to Miami together.

Hernandez was arrested at the airport on their return to Spain back in 2017.

Lucas Hernandez has been sentenced to six months in prison

He has now been sentenced to six months in prison for violating that order. Meanwhile, his wife hasn’t been sentenced because she wasn’t officially notified of the order at the time.

Hernandez originally appealed against his six-month jail time but that request has now been rejected.

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He’s been given 10 days to enter prison voluntarily.

A statement said: “Madrid Criminal Court Number 32 has refused the suspension of his six month sentence.

“And it has told him he must attend court at 11am on October 19 so he can be informed he must enter prison voluntarily within ten days starting from that date.”

Lucas Hernandez

Hernandez will have to return to Spain and can choose which jail to spend his six-month sentence when he attends court next week.

Hernandez and Llorente have a son, Martin, together. However, they have now split with Amelia confirming the news on social media in March 2019.

 “A mother always thinks twice, once for her and another time for her son. Only you and me my baby.”

Whether Hernandez actually spends time in court will be decided next week in court.

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