Liverpool midfielder Jones admits mixed emotions after Forest defeat

Liverpool midfielder Curtis Jones admits mixed emotions after returning for defeat at Nottingham Forest.

Jones started in Saturday’s dismal 1-0 loss at Forest and says he is looking to make his mark this term after finally being fit enough to start for Jurgen Klopp’s team.

“I was out for 10 weeks,” Jones said. “I came on Wednesday and played half an hour, then 90 today. So yeah, I’m tired but that’s part of the game. It’s a Premier League game, it’s always going to be hard, non-stop work. But I’m fit and ready now.

“It was a stress response. It was basically swelling in the bone. But if you carry on with it, it can go to a fracture and then a break. It was the first time I’d had anything like that, to be honest. Touch wood this doesn’t change, but I’m a kid who never gets injured. I don’t pull hamstrings, quads, calves, stuff like that.

“When I’ve been injured, it’s been like a freak one. I was poked in the eye last season and out for six weeks, and this season I had a stress response in the bone. I was out for four weeks, I came back and trained twice, felt it again and was out for another six. It was a difficult time, but now I’m back I’m happy and I have a point to prove.

“I felt it after the Community Shield. I was having pain in my calves, then after that game I had a different pain, like an ache inside the bone. I went for a scan and they said it was a stress response. It’s rare, so I guess I was unfortunate, but now I just have to try and kick on, put it right behind me.”

Jones, who started in a midfield pairing alongside Fabinho at Forest, added: “It’s good to be back, but it was a tough game. We were the better team, on top for most of the game and then a small mistake and we’re punished. That’s what happens in the Premier League, but we go from there and we go again.

“It’s a change [of position], but I felt good, I was comfortable. Yeah it’s different, I’m used to having a one and a two [in midfield]. I wouldn’t say it was more defensive, but it was a more disciplined role I would say. I enjoyed it. Then I moved up to the left of a four [second half] and felt good.

“A team like Forest, even if you score first, they’re always there. They’ll always be in your face and waiting for the moment you’re a little bit slack on the ball. They’ll find a chance to get you on the break and stuff. I felt even if we’d scored, we’d have had to score again so we could pop the ball around a bit more. But it was one of those days.”

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