Liverpool boss Klopp delighted with his veterans for Wolves win: A good story

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp felt they controlled the game for last night’s 2-0 win against Wolves.

Senior pair Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk struck for the victory.

Klopp said, “I thought the whole story of the game is an important one for us to take. I think we did a lot of good stuff in the first half, played the way we had to play. Didn’t create that many clear-cut chances, the best one was probably the header from Harvey which he missed. In the first half there were a few minutes where we looked a bit in a rush because it didn’t happen yet, but we calmed down again and found the football patience again and played in the right way.

“Second half, around the disallowed goal already we increased the pressure and these kind of things. Direction was good, a couple of really good situations. I think you all saw the [disallowed] goal now a couple of times back and when you see it in slow-motion you see the contact then, but I still think it was a goal, but that’s not important anymore. Especially, players don’t have a replay and for them it’s a clear goal of course. Then you have to react. I was not worried but of course then you watch it, how the boys react – and the reaction was really good.

“Then you force this second goal. I think Virg could have scored already with the header from the [free-kick] but then top situation from Diogo and really nice goal. And the second goal was exceptional play; a really good counter-attack, each pass was perfect. And then we controlled it again. So, it was a good performance from us and a really important one. And of course again a clean sheet, which is extremely helpful. These are all positives for us, all good.”

Expanding on Van Dijk’s performance, Klopp also told “Yeah, we all need that and he needs that as well and it’s obviously a really good one, in a tough game for defenders. I thought we performed tonight, we played a really good game in general. But I really think the centre-halves and Fabinho together, how they covered that area, how they denied the counter-attacks, how they defended into midfield, which is very important against a team who play with one striker, I thought they did really well.”

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