Lazio president Lotito: Sarri has never been in question

Lazio president Claudio Lotito is delighted seeing the team reach the Champions League round of 16.

Victory over Celtic last night now sees Lazio qualified.

Lotito said: “Beyond the result, which is certainly pleasing, we saw a lively, compact, determined team with competitive ferocity: that’s what I wanted to happen.

“Even the 2-0 is nothing more than the expression of the attitude with which the entire team took to the field. I quote a parable from the Gospel according to which when one falls the important thing is that he gets up again.

“I hope that yesterday was the signal to make the entire club understand that the conditions exist to do well and that, if there is the will, the determination, the cohesive, humble spirit and the competitive ferocity, yes can get results.”

On coach Maurizio Sarri, Lotito also said: “But when ever… Sarri has never been in question, I said it even in unsuspecting times. To achieve the objectives we must work in unison: the technical structure, the clb, right down to the warehouse workers and doctors, everyone is essential to create that climate of synergy and a serene and determined environment to reach the expected objectives by mutual agreement.”

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