Lazio coach Sarri ready to continue: I wouldn’t accept this contract anywhere else

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri says he’s willing to continue next season after victory over Cremonese.

However, Sarri admits he’d like to improve his squad this summer.

He said, “The most important aspect is that strong players arrive. The way to play is given to you by attacking players: we have players who tear and attack deep. However, we are becoming a team that manages to find space even when it manages to have possession for a long time.

“We also need decisive players, who are above all the forwards. We could get to the end of the season with them with more clarity.

“I didn’t come here for money, because the money I get here I wouldn’t have accepted anywhere. But here I knew I could play football in a pure way, while in the last two years I had struggled. Winning here is difficult. Winning a Coppa Italia is for my curriculum vitae, going to the Champions League is for the club to grow.

“Let’s see what car we can have, we’ll talk to the president. It doesn’t mean that you have to stay together just for the contract. If we’re still in tune, we stay together. There are more revenues, something can be done.

“I have no intention of leaving Lazio, but neither do I intend to do something that doesn’t suit me anymore. I know that (president Claudio) Lotito is not crazy, he is part of the history of Lazio.”

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