Juventus coach Allegri: Pogba can see action against Torino tomorrow

Juventus coach Max Allegri says Paul Pogba will be in the matchday squad for tomorrow’s clash with Torino.

Pogba is yet to feature for Juve this season since his summer arrival from Manchester United due to a knee injury.

Allegri said this morning: “He’s better, he’s called up tomorrow. If necessary, we’ll put him on tomorrow, he certainly doesn’t have a very high playing time but he does have a good playing time.

“I talked to him as I do with the other players. He must understand that it is an important part of the season to get back in the running, he must have all the incentives to have a good end to the season and to give us a hand.”

Allegri also said: “This match has the value it should have, we on the pitch, regardless of what happens outside, we have to score points to stay in the top four.

“The -15 is not our thing. At the moment we are in the top four with one game left. Tomorrow will be difficult, we failed in the Champions League but we have to accept it because it can happen.

“Now to say that Pogba can be the starter for Juventus after 315 days without playing a game, we’ll pass, (Fede) Chiesa who has been out for 10 months and who plays one game and a half and then he stops for a week, same thing. It takes a little patience, it’s normal they are human beings. We need to make them grow in condition.”

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