Inter Milan president Zhang declares club not for sale: We’re not talking to any investor

Inter Milan president Steven Zhang has declared today the club is not for sale.

Inter owners Suning have been said to be seeking buyers for the club, but Zhang has denied the reports.

He said: “The path is traced, football must open up to new languages and new generations if it is to continue to survive.

“Inter are ready and we are ready: since we acquired the club we face the same speculations every day, in recent weeks I read day by day that the future of the club is uncertain.

“But, as I’ve always said, our long-term commitment has always been clear, ever since we acquired ownership of the club. With the management we have shown that we are on the right track and bring new successes year after year, both globally and economically. Our promise has never changed: we want to win, on and off the pitch.”

Asked why they’re working with Raine and Goldman Sachs, Zhang also said: “Rumours are rumours, we hear them every year. In the last six or seven years there have been several, we are trying to keep the club competitive, we have won three trophies and the rumours are not important.

“We are not talking to any investor, there are several players on the market looking for new projects, but we have not signed any contracts and we are not in negotiations with anyone.”

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