Heckingbottom convinced Sheffield Utd can defeat Bournemouth

Sheffield United boss Paul Heckingbottom is convinced they can beat Bournemouth.

The Blades host Bournemouth at Bramall Lane.

Heckingbottom said: “Lots of people already giving me the points.

“No, you only have to look at their last game, they were really good.

“Newcastle impose themselves and try and dominate but Bournemouth were really good, so it’s going to be difficult.

“Regardless of the opposition, we have to put ourselves in the position to take points. Whoever we’re playing.

“We’ve shown we can do that, we got over the line in the last two and that’s the difference.

“They’re an athletic team, do a lot of work with the press.

“We have to understand that’s a big weapon for them but make sure we can create chances and difficult moments and capitalise on them.

“We want to keep momentum going; the message has not changed.

“Because we finished strongly in both our last two games and we’ve been the team on top at the end, I’ve taken a lot from that. The players and the fans have as well.

“We’ve kept ourselves in those games and we need to do that. We could easily have taken points from Spurs and (Man) City, who have been the teams everyone’s talking about.

“There’s lots of ways to take points but we have to be in a position to do it. We’re at home, we want to try and capitalise and take the points.”

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