Guimaraes: I believe the coming seasons will be Newcastle’s

Newcastle United favorite Bruno Guimaraes hopes the club has the ambition to continue their Premier League ascendency.

The Magpies have begun this season extremely impressively under boss Eddie Howe.

Newcastle are in the top four at present, after a 2-1 win over Tottenham at the weekend.

“We have to think big, yes, but the future will be even more beautiful for Newcastle,” he told ESPN Brazil after Sunday’s win.

“To build the future, you have to build the present, we are doing that.

“I believe the coming seasons will be Newcastle’s. It’s nice what we’re doing, but it’s just the beginning. For what we’re doing so far, we deserve congratulations.”

“It’s been two sleepless days since the Everton game. But everything has been so good for me, living my dreams, being a father for the first time, it’s all been very good for me,” Guimaraes added on events in his personal life.

“Talking about the son, right, it’s difficult, the first time. Difficult. Cool, great. It was always a wish, a dream. I could have stayed at home, but I decided to play, I’m proud of the guys, they’ve always been very nice to me, the coach as well. I feel at home. Last time I felt like this was at Athletico-PR. It’s nice. I had a difficult time at Lyon, but here I’m very happy. It was worth the effort.”

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