Fiorentina’s Rocco Commisso on Vlahovic exit: “The last few times we met, he didn’t even say hello.”

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Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso has criticised the agents of Dusan Vlahovic in the saga involving the striker’s exit, while also responding to the criticism that has come from the club’s fans.

Vlahovic joined Juve in the last few days of the January transfer window despite multiple offers from Arsenal and interest from other European clubs. It was reported that Vlahovic’s agents had stopped responding to Fiorentina and the player only wanted Juve.

Banners had been unfurled against the club and the player’s decision. Commisso spoke to the official La Viola website and stated:

“First, I want to say that I am embittered and disappointed, I have to stop and reflect. I thought I had demonstrated with my behavior and with what I, my family, Joe Barone and those who worked with me, who I am, what are my principles and my values.

“I arrived in Florence and I didn’t buy a villa or a house by the sea. I put my financial resources in favor of Fiorentina. When Florence needed help I didn’t I pulled back. The nastiness, the offenses and the threats of the last few days are not right and I cannot accept them.

“I am disappointed and thoughtful about the choices I will have to make. In November, the doctors told me not to leave for Italy but I decided to leave to give my contribution to make Dusan and his prosecutors think. The last few times we met, he didn’t even say hello to me. Now I have to get treated, I don’t know when I will be able to return.”

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