Fikayo Tomori: Nothing better in my career than winning Scudetto for AC Milan

Fikayo Tomori doubts he will experience anything better than winning the Scudetto wit AC Milan.

The defender is preparing to return to London this week for the second-leg of their Champions League round 16 tie with Tottenham.

He said, “My dream in life might sound a bit banal, but it is to have no regrets. At the end of my career, I want to be able to say that I did everything I could, that I allowed myself to be me.

“In the end, if I win a million trophies or if I have only won the Scudetto, I will still be satisfied with what I have done.

“In Italy it’s more like: ‘Okay, this is where you have to be when the ball arrives. This is the way your body has to be. This is where you have to pass the ball’.

“In England you can play more by instinct. In Italy you try to eliminate that as much as possible, so you already know what to do on the pitch, how to play and where to pass the ball.”

Tomori also told UEFA about joining Milan.

“Once I arrived here, I remember wearing the Rossoneri shirt. It was simply surreal. San Siro is like a monument. You can always see it while driving. It’s like it’s stretched out towards you.

“Then, on the day of the game, the fans have been there for two hours before the match. You can feel the energy they give off.

“You play league games, national cups, but when the Champions League arrives everything is different. The lights at the San Siro are a little brighter.

“You listen to the fans until the last minute before the opening whistle when the whole stadium shouts ‘The Champions’ together.

“It gives you goose bumps, even though it happens every time. It’s crazy.”

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