Ex-Roma chief Sabatin hails Mourinho and Friedkins ahead of Europa League final

Former Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini feels the club is in great shape ahead of the Europa League final.

Roma meet Sevilla in Budapest tomorrow night.

Sabatini told VoceGiallorossa.it: “By virtue of the fact that (Jose) Mourinho has never lost a UEFA final and that Sevilla have never lost a Europa League final, making a prediction is a wicked thing and I won’t do it.

“What I know is that Mourinho has managed to give the team a psychological and tactical architecture, he can compete against anyone. Even from a point of view of being nervous, Roma are now used to fighting any match like a war, so they will certainly rise to the occasion.”

On owners, the Friedkins, Sabatini continued: “As you say, silent but effective. They did their best by bringing Mourinho here, paying him a lot but knowing they brought a champion. I have great consideration. It’s difficult to remain silent in football, anyone who joins football immediately puts themselves in the window and make some trouble. The great discretion of the Friedkins is a real novelty for Italian football.

“I rate the season regardless of the Europa League is 7, maybe 7.5. Because Mourinho has always had to fight with various injuries, from this point of view it has been an unfortunate season, however the team has always been very dignified.

“If he were to win the Europa League I’d give him 9, because he did his best: won another European title and brought home the Champions League for next year. So a 9 all round.”

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