Ex-Everto defender Jagielka: Kenilworth Road not fit for League One

Ex-Sheffield United and Everton defender Phil Jagielka has laid into the Luton Town stadium.

Jagielka, who played at the ground several times and last in February 2023, was not impressed with Kenilworth Road’s condition.

He likened it to stadiums at League One clubs and felt it was not worthy of a Premier League team.

Speaking to BBC Five Live Sport, Jagielka said: “The stadium is an amazing atmosphere, but it is literally a throwback. The changing rooms, I’m not sure what they’ve been able to do over the summer but it’s probably not ready for League One, let alone the Premier League. They had to use these things to upset people, it’s like a cup tie every time you go there, especially for the bigger teams and for me it was amusing that they only game they’ve probably been favorites, they lost and that’s why playing against the Premier League is so good.

“It’s not playing against your Liverpools, your Arsenals, your Man Us, they’re the games that if you get a result it’s fantastic for teams like Luton, Sheff U down there. I think Luton are learning week in week out, basically it doesn’t really matter who it is, they need to play at 100 percent full throttle. It will be sad as if they do stay in the Premier League, I imagine they’ll have to move out of there so it’s a strange one.

“It’s like historically and football-wise you want to see these old grounds but what will happen is they’ll have to build a new one, it will be the same as everyone else’s new one, so it won’t be in someone’s back garden, you won’t have to walk though someone ginnel to get in like they do now. But for me that’s what makes football so special. They’re playing in the best league in the world and let’s be honest they’re probably in one of the worst stadiums in the world, but they’re doing a fantastic job and fair play to them.”

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