Digne wants to leave Everton, reveals Benitez

Out-of-favour fullback Lucas Digne has told Everton boss Rafael Benitez that he wants to exit the club.

After a split with the Spaniard about tactics and his role in the team, the France full-back has not played since the Merseyside derby defeat at home to Liverpool on December 1st.

He was an unused replacement in the club’s defeat at home to Brighton last Saturday, but it appears he has played his final game for the club.

Benitez said: “I think it was very clear. I want to ask a question to every fan or former player. What would you say to a player who doesn’t want to be there?

“It is simple. I had a couple of conversations with him, he told me what he thought.

“What do you expect to do when a player goes (says) to the manager he doesn’t want to be here?”

“I have no explanation [for why he wants to leave]. If someone is happy or not happy, you are paid big money and have to perform.

“Modern football, maybe the stats and the priorities have changed and maybe people think about themselves before the team. Do we want to grow and improve or just to manage the egos?

“I think he was very clear. I want to ask a question to any fan or former player, what Peter Reid will say if a player doesn’t want to be here. He told me what he thought, so what do you expect the manager to do?”

It’s unclear whether Digne will get the move he desires this month, but Benitez has stated that rumours of interest are immaterial unless a concrete offer is received.

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