Diego Simeone reveals he agreed Luis Suarez’s exit in November

Luis Suarez’s spell at Atletico Madrid is coming to an end. After arriving in the capital from Barcelona last season, he inspired Los Rojiblancos to their second league title under Diego Simeone, seven years after the first.

This season hasn’t been quite as vintage – his 13 goals are his lowest total since he arrived in Europe, but the same could be said for much of the Atletico Madrid team.

Ahead of Atleti’s final home game of the season, manager Diego Simeone confirmed not only that Suarez would be leaving but that it had been agreed for some time, as reported by Mundo Deportivo.

“I had a chat with Luis in November, in the middle of it. A long chat, hard, honest, where both sides could speak about what they saw ahead and in the present and what was necessary to compete and what was necessary from him.”

“From that chat until today, each from their position respected everything we discussed and that doesn’t happen often. For that reason I am grateful to Luis Suarez, because the past season he was tremendous and this one he continues to be our goal-scorer. He will play tomorrow and to the people that behave like Luis, I always say ‘chapeau’.”

Simeone and Suarez always seemed like a match made in heaven in terms of character and so it was. The Uruguayan will leave the Wanda Metropolitano with his head held high after his historic league win last year.

The Atletico Madrid fans have asked the club for Suarez to be given a plaque outside the stadium, even though he wouldn’t traditionally qualify for the honour.

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