Home Italien De Rossi on shootout triumph: Very Romanista way of winning!

De Rossi on shootout triumph: Very Romanista way of winning!

De Rossi on shootout triumph: Very Romanista way of winning!

Roma coach Daniele De Rossi was thrilled with their Europa League playoff shootout win against Feyenoord.

Lorenzo Pellegrini struck for Roma to cancel out Feyenoord striker Santiago Gimenez’s opener. After extra-time, the tie ended at 2-2 and was taken to penalties.

“It is wonderful to remember everything that happened tonight. It was my first European night in Rome in this role,” De Rossi told Sky Italia.

“I am very happy it ended like this, I think it was deserved considering all we did throughout the match, especially the first half.

“It was a very Romanista way of winning, causing people heart attacks! I think we shook off a bit of fatalism, we have these sayings here like ‘never any joy,’ but we can turn over a new leaf.

“We are not the ugly ducklings. We’re starting to win too, we are a good team in a great stadium, I am pleased.”

On Pellegrini, he said: “It is only right that he enjoys these moments, that his name is on this wonderful night. It is early to celebrate, we’ve still got a Round of 16 to play, but he needs to enjoy this moment. He had moments not too long ago when he was doubted and criticised, which he did not deserve.”

He also stated: “I had to thank the fans. I feel a bit ashamed doing that now as a coach, it was easier when I was a player, but they called me over. Even from before the match when we were on the bus here, it barely touched the ground there were so many people.

“They gave us such support and affection, a gigantic love pouring in. I try to be as cool-headed and moderate as possible, but I don’t want them to think I’ve changed too much! I hold back from leaping onto the barricades the way I did when I was 25, also because I wouldn’t be able to reach now!”

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