Chelsea co-owner Eghbali sends Super League message to Real Madrid, Barcelona

Chelsea co-owner Behdad Eghbali has hinted they’re unlikely to join the new Super League.

Chelsea were one of the clubs, along with Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Atletico Madrid to exit the plans to launch the ESL in March of 2021 less than 48 hours after the project was revealed.

Chelsea co-owner and Clearlake Capital co-founder Eghbali, who was appearing at the Sportico Invest in Sports conference in New York on Wednesday, told “I think the sport needs more premium high quality matches and content but it doesn’t have to be a Super League.

“Todd [Boehly] went there on an All-Star Game, the baseball talent competition or draft generates £200million to £300million of revenue on a Monday or Tuesday each year, none of that exists in the EPL. Could there be an EPL versus Serie A game? Could you see pre-season matches producing more premium content on the pitch? You could.

“But structurally, given how botched that episode was does anybody have any appetite for something like that? A couple of teams in Spain do and they are vocal about it, but everyone else doesn’t want to go there anymore.”

For the moment, the new Super League is being driven by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus.

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