Chelsea boss Pochettino: Begovic unfair playing comparison game

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has responded to criticism from former Blue Asmir Begovic.

QPR goalkeeper Begovic admits he’s been shocked how the club’s current owners have completely gutted the team and academy squad.

In response, Pochettino said: “It’s a different project.

“We are talking about a different Chelsea to the one I saw when I was at Tottenham and Southampton. Better or worse, we cannot say, but it’s a different project, in different circumstances. We cannot compare with the past. I don’t think that’s fair.

“We have to take care about how we evolve the process, and how we develop our ideas. What I want to explain is that the fans want to win, because in the past, Chelsea is about winning. We need to accelerate the process because Chelsea is about winning.

“We want to win, but I understand the process is completely different to the past. The club has a different approach to the game, to the philosophy, the ideas. We have a young squad, with very talented players that need time to perform. For sure we have one of the best squads, but we need time.”

Pochettino also said: “Players need to feel pressure.

“We are going to push them to perform, in the right way. We are helping them. We accept their circumstance, but at the same time we are tough pushing them.

“We need to perform. We are here to perform. We are not here to have a good time.”

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