Carragher: Messi called me ‘a donkey’ 

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has revealed Lionel Messi sent him a message mocking him.

Carragher was doing an analysis of the EA Sports team of the year during Friday Night Football after Norwich beat Watford 3-0. The 43-year-old omitted PSG star in his list where he replace the Argentine with Mohamed Salah. 

“No Messi, we had that debate at the start of the season didn’t we, [Cristiano] Ronaldo or Messi? I was the Messi man, [Neville] was Ronaldo,” Carragher began explaining before Neville interjected and revealed that Messi ‘wasn’t happy’ with his colleague.

“No, he’s not happy with me at all,” Carragher confirmed.

“I had a little pop at Ronaldo early in the season. I didn’t think it was a great signing for United. And then I said the example of Messi, I didn’t think Messi is a great signing for PSG. It was on [Sky Sports’] Monday Night Football.”

Messi’s message

“And I got a private message on Instagram from the man himself – I will not be showing my private messages. But he basically called me a donkey.”

Carragher’s reaction

“So he watches Monday Night Football! So hopefully he watches Friday Night Football as well, because Lionel, I absolutely love you. [You are] the greatest player of all time, and compared to you I was a donkey.”

“I accept that [he was a donkey], but you’re not getting in this team. You haven’t played well enough, even if you did win the Copa America in the summer. It’s not enough to leave out my man, Mo Salah.”

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