BVB midfielder Can fumes: I don’t give a s***! Chelsea won thanks to ref

Borussia Dortmund midfielder Emre Can was furious after their Champions League defeat at Chelsea.

The Blues trailed 1-0 from the round 16 first leg in Germany but were relentless in their efforts to turn the tie around in west London, a goal from Raheem Sterling in the first half and a re-taken penalty from Kai Havertz earning a deserved 2-0 win.

But Havertz’s re-taken penalty was a huge point of contention for the Dortmund players, after Salih Ozcan was deemed to have encroached as the first spot-kick was taken.

Can and Co argued that Ben Chilwell was also guilty of encroaching but Danny Makkelie stuck with his original decision to have the penalty re-taken, prompting Can to launch a furious tirade at the referee in his post-match interview.

Can said after the game: “The referee. It was his fault today. How can you give the second penalty in the situation? How does it work? That simply does not work!

“I don’t give a s*** who walked in there before. He was arrogant the whole game – that’s where it starts. We lost here undeservedly because of the referee.”

The livid German also accused Makkelie of unequal treatment, sensationally claiming that the 40-year-old was afraid of the Stamford Bridge crowd.

“We play here at Stamford Bridge. Maybe he’s afraid of the fans, I don’t know,” Can sensationally claimed. “But then UEFA should send another referee.”

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