Burnley striker Amdouni confident facing Forest

Burnley summer signing Zeki Amdouni is hoping he can show his best form in the Premier League this term.

The forward got off to a good start in the cup for Burnley against Nottingham Forest.

But as they prepare to take on the same team in the league on Monday, Amdouni knows the game will be tougher.

He told the club website: “As a footballer you’re going to change clubs and I have, but my move here to England and to Burnley has been pretty easy. I like the place and I certainly like the people. The only thing I would say is that the weather’s been pretty cold! Apart from that, it’s all good.

“To have Vincent Kompany shows the ambition that we have here at the club and his own ambition as a coach, having a legendary ex-player like him as a coach helps a great deal.

“He brings enormous attributes to the club and obviously in terms of the defending. Also, throughout his career he’s come up against some outstanding attacking players, so he brings all of that to his game.”

He added on Forest: “We’ve come up against some fairly tough opponents early on, but I think we’ve shown some good qualities to our performances. I think the Man City match, the first one of the season, was particularly a good showing from us – we take the good points from that, lets not forget we’ve had the Cup match so far as well where we’ve put in some good performances at Forest.”

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