Brentford striker Toney ‘shocked and disappointed’ with betting ban leaks

Ivan Toney says it was “disturbing” to read he was facing a six month ban for allegedly breaking betting rules.

The Brentford forward now wants the Football Association to carry out an investigation into leaks.

Toney, 26, has admitting gambling-related charges but some news outlets have already reported that he could receive a six-month ban.

He said the FA told him details of his pending disciplinary hearing would stay confidential until a decision was made.

Toney was charged with 232 breaches in November and a further 30 in December.

It is understood he has admitted many of the offences but is contesting others. FA rule E8 bans players from betting on games, or sharing information for betting purposes.

“I was shocked and disappointed to see press speculation yesterday and today about the FA investigation process concerning me after I have been told by the FA that it is a confidential process until any decision has been made,” Toney wrote on Instagram.

“It is especially disturbing for me to read that the FA is saying I shall be banned from football for six months before there has even been a hearing, and it does make me worried about the process.

“My lawyers will be writing to the FA to request that they conduct a leak inquiry as this is the second time stories have appeared in the newspapers – the last time was just before the selection of the England World Cup squad,” added the striker, who was called up by England last September but did not make the subsequent World Cup squad.

“As I continue to be told the investigation is meant to be confidential, I am unable to provide any further comment. I shall continue to concentrate on my football.”

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