Bournemouth boss Iraola: Handball confusion becoming big problem

Bournemouth boss Andoni Iraola admits there’s growing confusion involving VAR and the players.

Iraola says handball is a major issue.

He told the Daily Echo: “I think it is something that is still evolving.

“I think there are some things that technology will allow not to happen again. Because with the offside, I think we could see in the World Cup, the semi-automated offsides.

“I think this is something they will implement for sure and it will take a lot of the time (away).

“You can see in our game against City, our disallowed goal and against Burnley, it is time that I think they will cut.

“But there are certain things that it is impossible to solve. The handball situations especially.

“I think the referees are trying to improve, but there will always be these kind of conflicts, because there are situations that are not clear. Especially I would say with handballs.

“Handballs are something we discuss a lot between managers, but it is very difficult to solve and it’s a big, big problem.

“It is very decisive in the games.

“We are even changing the way players are defending. It is not natural right now. You see the situations where players are defending with their hands behind their back, blocking shots.

“But it is so, so decisive to call a handball and a penalty that players have to adapt.”

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