Arsène Wenger opens the door to return to club football

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Speaking to Le Parisien ahead of the release on French TV of a documentary about his life called Invincible, Arsène Wenger notably discussed the prospect of returning to management. Currently Chief of Global Football Development at FIFA, the former Arsenal manager, now 72, has revealed that a potential return to club football remains on his mind.

Do you get bored?

No, because I like to learn and read. But with sport, you win or lose, there are always lessons to be learnt, you can’t tell yourself tales. As soon as you let up, you take a hit and you need to find a quick response.

So you get bored. Are you interested in getting back into [management]?

I always am. One is never fully cured. You are addicted to it for your entire life.

So you’re going to dive back in?

I don’t think so, no. I hope I’ll have enough wisdom not to dive back in.

Have you had any offers?

Yes, a fair amount. I’m still interested in experiencing sport at a high level and the quest for results. Even if it might not be directly on the pitch… Being part of a group that has to win is something that interests me.

Can we imagine you taking charge of a national team?

Everything can be imagined. I’m more interested in getting results and guiding a club.

You’ve been linked to PSG. Is that a possibility?

It’s pure and simple invention. Even if I have a very good relationship with PSG.


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