Álvaro González laments lack of playing time at Marseille

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In an interview with Spanish outlet AS, Marseille defender Álvaro González lamented his lack of playing time at the club, having been relegated to the bench by manager Jorge Sampaoli.

The Spaniard notably reveals that the club had looked to offload him in January despite recently extending his contract, while also confirming Valencia’s interest last month.

“What I am going through right now is bad in footballing terms because the manager, well the club, made decisions when I was renewed five months ago and I didn’t want to leave, of course. But then in the city the people like me, I’m looked after well and I’m really well settled, but of course in the end we move for sporting reasons and if I don’t play I can’t be doing well and I’m not going through the best of times.”

“[…] During the winter transfer window I told them I wasn’t going to move. […] I told them to wait until June, when the window would be longer and there would be more options and that’s where we left it. They told me there was no issue, that I would be respected, that I was part of the time like anyone else and that if at any time I had to play, I would.”


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