Alemany says Torres still can’t be registered by Barcelona

Barcelona are still not able to register new signing Ferran Torres.

Torres signed for the Blaugrana on a deal worth around €55million last week, completing a transfer from Manchester City.

But Barca knew they would not be able to register Torres unless they significantly reduced costs.

The loan exit of Philippe Coutinho to Aston Villa helped, with the Brazilian being one of the biggest earners at Camp Nou.

But according to Barca chief Mateu Alemany, there remains work to do if Torres is to be registered.

He said, as cited by Mundo Deportivo: “The exit of Coutinho helps us, it generates Fair Play (money), but not enough.

“We are working to maximise and get other exits and other situations that produce the Fair Play to register Ferran Torres, who is unfortunately not available due to covid.”

Torres’ absence has helped Barca ensure the lack of registration hasn’t become more of a pressing issue, not the mention the winger is only due back from a broken foot around the middle of this month anyway.

But the clock is ticking, and Barca only have until the end of the January transfer window to complete his registration.

If they can’t manage that, Torres will remain unregistered for the rest of the season, a fate Barca simply cannot afford given the size of their investment.

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