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Aldridge questions whether Liverpool can convince Xabi

Aldridge questions whether Liverpool can convince Xabi

Liverpool hero John Aldridge has questioned whether they can tempt Xabi Alonso away from Bayer Leverkusen.

Xabi is rated as favourite to succeed Jurgen Klopp as he steps down at the end of the season.

But Aldridge wrote for the Sunday World: “He did well at Valencia before he came to Liverpool, but Benitez lived off the glow of that Champions League success for years after.

“So Alonso was not impressed with the way that he was booted out of the club and told it was time to leave.

“Gareth Barry was supposed to be coming in and they needed to get Alonso out to make space for his wages, but Xabi told me at the time he didn’t want to go.

“He loved Liverpool as a club, he was content living in the city and considering everything he had given to Benitez, he wasn’t impressed with the way he was being treated.

“So it might be a case of unfinished business for Alonso if the call comes from Liverpool offering him the chance to take over from Klopp.

“It has already got to the point where you would be surprised if he is not Liverpool’s first choice to be the next manager, yet there is no guarantee this will happen.

“Bayer Leverkusen have Alonso under contract and might just say he is not going anywhere this summer.

“Xabi might also look at the challenge of replacing Klopp and think it is a step too far at this formative stage of his coaching career.”

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