Agent details Malick Thiaw plan at AC Milan

The agent of Malick Thiaw says he’s delighted with his progress at AC Milan.

The defender arrived last summer from Schalke.

Gordon Stipic told TMW: “He joined the starting lineup at a difficult time, but everything was planned. He arrived prepared and left a very good impression with his quality and performance. True, many are now asking ‘could he have played earlier’?

“But the plan, from the beginning, was very clear. Everything was agreed with the coach and the club’s management, who explained to us from the beginning what the boy’s path would be.

“Malick had so many options, especially in the Premier League. Many managers also offered and guaranteed him a place to play right from the start. However, as you see, he was impressed by the talks with Maldini and Massara.

“That shows his character, his attitude, he chose the more difficult path. He could have chosen the easier one, even a ready place in a starting eleven, but the way the project was presented to us left no room for doubt. Discipline and mental strength are his strengths.”

Stipic added, “He is a calm boy, everyone likes him. He is a worker, he knows how to be in the squad, he behaves well, he has an extraordinary family that always follows him with affection, in the right way.

“And then he knows where he comes from and knows that the path is still long. The focus is clear, no flights of fancy, no absurd dreams.

“Of one thing he is certain, he plays in Serie A, at Milan, in a great reality.”

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