đź”´ Bruno Fernandes shares massive views on Ronaldo and Varane

This is a huge take that every Manchester United fan should delight in. Bruno Fernandes believes Cristiano Ronaldo and Raphael Varane are almost the masters of the UEFA Champions League.

Ahead of taking on Atletico Madrid on Wednesday night where United claimed a 1-1 draw, Fernandes said the club has a Ronaldo who can simply “smell goals” in the UEFA Champions League.

“Cristiano has won this competition many times,” Bruno said as per the Daily Post.

“Everyone knows in this kind of competition he has that smell for the goal, he has that smell for doing different things.

In addition to the Ronaldo weapon, the opposite end of United’s spine has Raphael Varane, a man who has won the title no less than four times.

“But in the same way, we have Rapha (Raphael Varane), who has won the Champions League four times and is a player capable of doing it,” Fernandes added.

“When Cristiano won the first one, he probably was not the most influential player or had more experience in that competition (than others) and he won it anyway, and he helped the team win the Champions League.

“Being Cristiano or another one, the most important for us is winning the game and going through this stage,” the Portuguese star concluded.

Meanwhile, United are now preparing to take on Watford in the English Premier League this coming weekend.

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